Madison County Junior Golf

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Rules for Play for Tournament Series

The USGA Rules of Golf shall govern all play in the Madison County Jr. Golf Foundation.  Local rules for each facility will be supplied as needed.

Player Conduct

Any conduct that may be detrimental to our program or facilities will not be tolerated including swearing, club throwing, or damage to the golf course or another player's belongings.  The first such instance of any of these actions may result in a warning, two shot penalty, or disqualification.  Possession of alcohol or tobacco products, gambling or display of vulgar or abusive behavior will result in immediate disqualification.  Multiple violations will result in dismissal from our junior program.

Care for the Facilities

All players are expected to maintain the golf courses by replacing divots, repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, etc.  Any abuse to the course or other club facilities will result in immediate disqualification.

Rules Violation and Cheating

Rules violations will be determined by the Professional Golf Staff, and handled as prescribed by the USGA Rules of Golf.

If you are suspected of cheating, measures will be taken to monitor your score during future participation.  If a player suspects another of cheating or violating a rule of golf, the player should seek out a rules official as soon as possible to handle the situation.  Cheating is strictly prohibited.  Cheating will result in immediate disqualification from the Madison County Jr. Golf Foundation Tournament Series with no refund of entry fees.

  1. The Madison County Jr. Golf Foundation trusts that its players will act on the ethical responsibility of notifying a rules official of any problems before spreading alleged violations and rumors.
  2. Questions are more easily handled on site when all players are present than after the event has concluded and players have gone home.
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