Madison County Junior Golf

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Entry Fees

Entry Fee for Events

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Ages 8 and younger $8.00 Per Event
Ages 9 and older $12.00 Per Event


Madison County Jr. Golf Foundation Eligibility Requirements

The Madison County Jr. Golf Foundation Tournament Series is open to any resident of Madison County between the ages of 6 to 18.  If a youth's 6th birthday fall on or before June 1st, they are eligible to compete in that year's competition.  If a youth's 19th birthday is after June 1st, they will remain eligible to participate in that year's competition.

Tournament Age Categories

We will have a number of different age categories for youth to compete in depending upon their age as of June 1st in the tournament season.  Each age division will play a specified number of holes.  They are as follows:

Age Number of Holes
6 and under *
Ages 7-8
Ages 9-10
Ages 11-12
Ages 13-14
Ages 15-18
Ages 19-22

Each division will include both boys and girls competing on the same course for separate awards.

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